Math Fundamentals at My Nights

I had been a great math student since high school. However, I lately have been experiencing a gradual deterioration of my logical and analytical ability to simply seize the fundamentals of theories/theorems I am encountering to my daily basis. Perhaps I lack practice to apply the concepts I have learned. Such a case can easily be solved. But in addition to the problem, I am also experiencing a loss of memory at the age of eighteen. Do I age that fast? Maybe so, as I discovered the root of this fall down.


First of all, I recognized the factors, such as the habit of not getting enough rest which caused of getting not only body overused and also my brain, unbalanced diet, and too much exposure to the computer. 

I researched that whenever an individual gets stressed, there is a tendency that the neurons that connect to one another, synapses, will tend to break down. It is logical to think that my inability to learn new things have become quite a challenge. As I cannot comprehend the basics of domain and range, for example. Before with just a snap, I can grasp its idea easily. Now it seems to be new to me.

Enough with this. This is just a simple way to release whatever within me. It may be true or not. Check your perspective. whatever…


Love Cliche

I love you You love me

Let’s be together 

With a great big flirt and kisses from me to you.

I beg you say let’s do it so…

I like you You like me

Let’s kiss each other until we say no to go

Won’t you say you love me too?

I love you You love me

We’ll have a happy relationship

With a happy family

With a great big hug, kisses, and sex from me to you

Won’t you say the bed is hot so?

At the end this whole pleasure neither pleases me nor you

What happened  to “I love you”?



Douche bag – Scumbag

A false statement has been plaguing the society for many centuries sine the beginning of the ancient civilization. And this has been practiced by nasty criminals who suffer in the cell for libel. Yet some of the bold individuals challenge the law that protects the reputation and rights of other people. Roel F. Alitagtag, considering himself or herself (gender is unknown) to be the most elegant species of society, yet the picture in which “it” looks at does not reflect to the reality of “its” real attribute, a rusty piece that is covered with mold. This unclassified species is capable of expressing its emotion in a much violent and scandalous manner, making its victim suffer a malignant humiliation in the community.

In many experiences, gays are uncontrollable on the words they utter because they get so ecstatic through it; however, most often they hurt someone else’s feelings. Roel is determined to be a homosexual. As the aforementioned statement regarding the gays, Roel pretty much say things beyond his control. He spreads rumors, which happen to be 100% NOT true all the time; he mocks somebody without rationality; he fabricates stories if he does not like the person. Worst of all, he is a traitor; once discovered he betrays you, he completely denies his action that is seen by the ones he tell to story to. 

Many have wondered why such rascals cannot ever be seized by the authority or stopped by some students in the school. The mystery relies on his ability to socialize. He uses his influence to dominate the weak or reticent people. 

There were this several occurrences in which I paid to him because he was in charge for the garments that were to be used in our CAT training, and I never got any of the materials I paid. What a ripped-off! And I never got my money back.

For some reason, this crossed breed of a wild donkey and alien homosexual is still desperate to make things miserable for me. On the graduation picture which was tagged to me by Grecelyn Galang, he commented inappropriate statements which came out of nowhere. I cannot do anything about this pussy but to share my thoughts to other people on this blog.

Let me know what you think of this unclassified species.